Discovering East Pond by Shaughnessy School Students June 27, 2014


Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm in partnership with the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust and the City of Lowell Public Schools have developed a summer Service Learning Project centered around East Pond in Lowell. Our students will be entering 3rd and 4th grade this Fall.


This was Shaughnessy School’s first trip to East Pond in Lowell.  Despite the fact that this pond is a 10 minute walk from the school, none of the students or faculty knew  there was a pond so close by. When we first arrived everyone wanted to know where the pond was as it is completely hidden from view by trees and shrubs.

East Pond Google Map view




Student Observations and Comments

Around the pond we saw lots of healthy plants and animals  including oak, birch, beech, and ash, wildflowers in pink yellow purple and white, birds, ladybugs, crickets, butterflies, damselflies, bees loaded with pollen, red-winged blackbirds, a hawk, and a white spider. We heard lots of birds and crickets.

In the pond we saw a painted turtle, water plants, snails, water boatmen, backswimmers, water scorpions, fresh water clams, phantom midges, damselfly and dragonfly nymphs, diving beetle larvae, scuds, and mosquito larvae.

One the edge of the pond we saw a hole with a path leading to the water. Our hypothesis is that the hole belongs to a muskrat.

Water temperature midmorning was 65 degrees fahrenheit in the shade.

Air temperature was 76 degrees fahrenheit in the sun and 69.5 degrees fahrenheit in the shade.

How we felt about the pond

I was happy because I got to see a golden colored dragonfly.

It was good to see the pond looking healthy because there was a lot of trash around the pond and even in the water.

I was curious about a hole next to the water that looked like it was made by a large animal.

I was excited to see a turtle for the first time.

It was good to hear lots of bird sounds.

I liked seeing a lot of flowers.

I did not expect to see trees growing through old train tracks.

The pond was quieter and more peaceful than I expected.

It was fun to see blue damselflies flying above the water.

I liked hearing and seeing a red-winged blackbird which told me  there was water nearby.

Things that we did not like about the pond

There was a lot of trash in and around the pond including; bottles, tires, a backpack in the water, bags of trash, worn out old pillows on the shore, broken glass, blankets,  a flip-flop, socks, gloves, a christmas tree, a hula hoop in the water, planks of wood, poison ivy, and train tracks around the pond.

Here are some photos from our trip


2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 007   2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 1152014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 086 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 106 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 098 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 097cr 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 070 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 069 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 067 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 066 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 063 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 058fxcr 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 039fx 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 038fxcr 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 031fxcr 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 022fx 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 021fx 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 020fxcr 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 018fxcr 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 014fxcr 2014-06-27 Eastpond-Shaughnessy 012






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